1300ITEXPRESS: Australian IT Company also a Premier Microsoft IT Solutions Provider. We provide IT Support, Services, Solutions and sell Office IT products, Printing supply and build network infrastructure, including: Computer Hardware, Software, Office365, Exchange Server, Toshiba Printer, VoIP, Networking, Internet and Completed Business IT solutions. We provide reliable, holistic and cost-effective IT solutions to SME (Small and Medium Enterprise). We take Emergency IT Cases and provide appointment-based Computer Services. Please Contact us for more.


Support Team operates 24 hours (24x7). We understand time is important to business and how annoying it would be if a system suddenly no response. Our customer service team is waiting your request in any minute.Get IT Support Now


Many of our clients are small and medium business. We understand budget is one of the biggest concern for you. Our IT services are affordable and customise to fit your needs. Have a question about the price? Please Contact Us Today


Professionalism at all times, all our staff is well trained and experienced. We ensure to provide professional IT service at all times. Our standard business hour from Monday to Friday 9:00am - 7:00PM.Make Appointments